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Let us transform your logo or design into a work of wearable art. Email us your design and we will provide a quick quote on what the one-time set-up cost will be. Once the design process starts, the usual turnaround, for completion of the design, is 3 to 5 business days and you will be provided with a stitched out replica of your design for your approval. Typical one time set-up cost, for designs up to 8,000 stitches, is $ 50.00 to $ 100.00

The catalogues below provide a range of existing designs that can also be used to create logos, mascots etc and can be customized to suit your requirements. Double clicking on the individual designs will enlarge them and show their dimensions and stitch count.

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**These prices are for the design and its set-up. Customization will be additional.

** Actual stitching of the design is additional and is priced on stitch count and volume

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